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We're dealing with it systemically. We have a concrete plan to do it

We know that no system can be changed unilaterally - we need to coordinate the existing, often individual efforts and activities of individual players in the system so that the desired change is sustainable in the long term.


Key activities and milestones have been mapped. View it in PDF →

  • Financial partners
  • Expert partners

Those without whom it wouldn't be possible.

Financial support and assistance come from many directions. From large partnerships to individuals. Every support has a purpose and impact on our work. Thank you for seeing the meaning of our work.

Main financial partners

We share a common vision where technology serves people regardless of time, place, or social status. We support innovation in non-profit projects together with our partners, for whom social responsibility is part of the DNA.

From our blog

We have our first technology partner! We've received 3 million Czech crowns from Livesport for the operation

We have been helping non-profit institutions and public administration with digital projects since May last year, and now we have successfully signed our first technology partner. The Czech company Livesport has supported us with three million Czech crowns and is interested in a long-term cooperation. By the end of the year, we would like to conclude similar cooperation with at most three other partners.

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News from Česko.Digital: We have our first technology partner | Cityvisor lets you see what your municipality's budget looks like

Hi Česko.Digital! 👋 The first news we have for you this time is the launch of the great Cityvizor project, which we have been working on intensively for the last few months. And to make matters worse, we have a new partner. Thanks to this support, we can continue to digitize Czechia. What else have the past weeks brought us? Read on, there was a lot going on.

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Partnership with the Bakala Foundation will help develop Česko.Digital, digitize education system and nurture mental health

We are pleased to announce that Česko.Digital has entered into a partnership with the Bakala Family Foundation. The four million Czech crowns from the foundation will support both the development of Česko.Digital as a whole and projects where our activities and goals intersect - namely Učíme online, which focuses on the digitization of the education system, and Střecha duševního zdraví, covering the topic of mental health care in children and is thus closely related to education, potential development, and digitization.

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Donors and sponsors

Our efforts are also supported by smaller partners who keep us going. They help and support the common direction. Their footprints may seem smaller, but the influence and impact are great. Thank you for every step we take together.

Individual donors

You can support us, for example, through the platform Darujme. Join our supporters, including Jan Barta, Dušan Šenkypl, David Holý, Petr Krajíček, Ondřej Fryc and Jakub Nešetřil. Thank you for contributing with us to the development of an open digital society in the Czech Republic!

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