We're dealing with it systemically. We have a concrete plan to do it

We know that no system can be changed unilaterally - we need to coordinate the existing, often individual efforts and activities of individual players in the system so that the desired change is sustainable in the long term.

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Key activities and milestones have been mapped. View it in PDF →

Those without whom it would not have been possible

Financial support and assistance comes from many directions. From large partnerships to individuals. Every support is meaningful and impacts our work. Thank you for seeing the meaning in it!

Main financial partners

We share a common vision where technology serves people regardless of time, place or social status. Together with our partners, for whom social responsibility is a natural part of their values, we support innovation not only in non-profit projects.

Donors and sponsors

Our efforts are also supported by smaller partners who help us maintain direction and momentum. Their help may seem small, but the influence and impact is great. Thank you for every step we take together!

Individual donors

Every donor may one day leave. The greatest freedom and security come from public gifts. You can support us, for example, through the Donate. Thank you for contributing with us to the development of an open digital society in the Czech Republic!

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We share know-how, processes and tools

Expert collaborations that help us with their know-how, teams or software are indispensable. Different organisations bring not only their expertise but also one-off support. Thank you to each of them, who share with us the dream of a modern Czech Republic and move it towards reality.

Project sponsors from previous years

When Česko.Digital was founded almost five years ago, our main goal was to help nonprofits with their digital products. What was important was the idea, the realness and their impact that helped and is helping to improve our society. Together with hundreds of expert volunteers, we were able to complete 38 projects with a total of 23 sponsors. Thank you!

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Do you want to change the Czech Republic for the better with us?

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Without the state there are no cakes

Asuccessfuldigital transformation cannot succeed without support and cooperation with the state or local governments. We thank the ministries, authorities and other institutions involved, who are working with us to build a better and more accessible digital environment for all our citizens. The greatest potential is in the people, let's unlock it!