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It doesn't matter if you're already helping or rooting for Česko.Digital . With the Merch.Digital collection you can proudly spread the ideas of the community and by buying its items you will send a decent amount directly to the support and development of the organization.

In the community, we usually work from a home office or office. With the products of Česko.Digital you can also stick your computer, write and sketch the best ideas how to change the Czech Republic for the better, dress in the style of Česko.Digital or travel to the other side of the world with a backpack from Czech designers.

Czechdesign & Česko.Digital

Eco-friendly materials, Czech design, a paper pad made by people with disabilities or a sweatshirt with a vegan certificate. All this is behind the Merch.Digital collection, which you can only get at Czechdesign.



You can help with Česko.Digital from the other side of the world, from the beach or from the forest. For all your trips, you can use a high-quality backpack made in Prague's Holešovice. The design was created directly in the community and we consulted with the manufacturer BRAASI.

The backpack.Digital by the Czech brand BRAASI comes from the first merchandising collection of the community Česko.Digital. Although it resembles the legendary HENRI model, it is adapted to the needs of the community. It is made in Prague from high-quality waterproof Cordura® material, has a practical top pocket for keys and a back pocket for a 14-inch laptop. The front is decorated with iconic arrows from the community logo reminiscent of programming languages.

By buying a backpack you will not only get a practical travel companion, but you will also support the functioning and development of the volunteer community Česko.Digital with a decent amount of 1000 CZK. The backpack is sent by parcel post to the point of delivery and is payable on delivery.

Thanks to you, we can continue to change the Czech Republic for the better!

By buying merch Česko.Digital you support our community to continue doing what it does best - changing the Czech Republic and the world around us for the better using digital technology. In the first 3 years, the community's projects reached 4,000,000 people. It is also thanks to your support that we can keep going. Thank you!

Do you have an idea how to improve the merch? Or do you have any comments about the merch? Let us know!

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With digital technology, we can do almost miracles today. Do you also believe that technology can make life so much simpler, better and easier? Support the community of people who are changing the Czech Republic for the better thanks to technology in their free time.

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