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IT Fitness Test 2023 V4 & Ukraine - the largest
international online digital skills test - this year for the second time in the Czech Republic

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Air sensor

Community-based solution for
environmental data collection and support of citizen science in the Czech Republic

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Mingly (TvojeLá

Let's create the largest online community networking platform (not only) for people with disabilities.

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Developer? Projectionist? Marketer? Projects work best because of the diversity of teams and the sharing of experiences. If you have the desire and the time, whether an hour or ten a week, join in.

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We develop ideas that, through IT, help improve life in Czechia, have no commercial alternative, and are sustainable. Do you have such a project, or are you working on it but lacking expert volunteers?

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Support the change of the Czech Republic financially

For 4 years we have been demonstrating how digital technologies can help. We've found a way to move our entire company forward. We know that no system can be changed unilaterally - we need to coordinate the existing, often individual efforts and activities of each player in the system so that the desired change is sustainable in the long term. Be there with us and support us.

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Our values

In our free time we help non-profit organizations and the government with digitalization and make the Czech Republic a better place to live. We want to become a leader in expert volunteering in the field of innovation and digital technologies in Europe.


We are an open organization - we take pride in open communication and access to information and data. We speak up, with honesty and respect to others. We are not afraid to ask when we don’t know.


We have clearly set and communicated expectations for each other. We act professionally both within and outside the organization. We are learning from professionals in the community and beyond.


We do not waste people’s time or financial resources. We focus on quick solutions to real problems using technology.


We work in teams and tandems, learning from each other. We seek a way for everybody to get involved, regardless of location or time.


Our solutions are driven by the real needs of end users. Using technology is a means to an end, not the goal itself.