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Digital inclusion

We are creating a platform for all who help children, seniors and minorities build digital skills

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Nezisk Digital course

A course designed specifically for the needs of non-profit organisations in the social sector, and well worth enrolling in. With the active support of a mentor*mentee and immediately applicable results

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Digital Partnerships

We bring together public administration, business and non-profit organisations to overcome the barriers that prevent effective digitisation and the emergence of truly pro-user digital public services

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Online workshop Pomáháme.Digital

Register for the training of the web manual Pomáháme.Digitál for people from social work.


Celebration of 5th birthday Česko.Digital

The 5th birthday of Česko.Digital is coming up and we want to celebrate it together!

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More effective nonprofits? Use our data and experience from the Nezisk Digital project

The research, methodology, pilot and spring run of the course are behind us and we are happy to share our results, good practice, interesting data and valuable information with you and offer you involvement.

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The Festival of Creative Bureaucracy has once again attracted a bureaucracy that is not afraid to step out of line: check out the footage and notes from the main programme

The 4th edition of the festival is over. Here is a complete video recording of the main program including the playlist of individual lectures, as well as a text summary of 5 lectures / discussion panels.

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Mapping the digital exclusion gap

In the Czech Republic, there was no detailed data on people facing digital exclusion or vulnerability. Our recent research has produced brand new findings - around 3 million people are digitally excluded or at risk. We present an overview microsite packed with data from the research.

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How to increase digital competence in non-profits?

At Česko.Digital , our mission is to empower public administrations and nonprofits to harness the potential of technology to solve societal problems. Nonprofits often fail to effectively harness the potential of technology because they lack the competencies to do so. That's why last year we launched a pilot course, Nonprofit Digital.

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Support the change of the Czech Republic financially

For 4 years we have been demonstrating how digital technologies can help. We've found a way to move our entire company forward. We know that no system can be changed unilaterally - we need to coordinate the existing, often individual efforts and activities of each player in the system so that the desired change is sustainable in the long term. Be there with us and support us.

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Our values


We are an open organization - we take pride in open communication and access to information and data. We speak up, with honesty and respect to others. We are not afraid to ask when we don’t know.


We have clearly set and communicated expectations for each other. We act professionally both within and outside the organization. We are learning from professionals in the community and beyond.


We do not waste people’s time or financial resources. We focus on quick solutions to real problems using technology.


We work in teams and tandems, learning from each other. We seek a way for everybody to get involved, regardless of location or time.


Our solutions are driven by the real needs of end users. Using technology is a means to an end, not the goal itself.

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