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Technology is thriving in the Czech Republic. We have quality technical universities, and very successful technology companies known all over the world have been established in the Czech Republic - Avast, Seznam or Satoshi Labs. And yet we see these cases...

People in need can get support, but they don't know how. They wait for months, the authorities do not communicate with them at all. Often they don't even have money for food.

The hooded man in his 40s explains that he came to the Job Centre in September, when he was advised to apply for housing benefit online. And he's been waiting ever since. "My gas and utilities have gone up by two and a half thousand crowns since January. Now I have to pay six and a half thousand," the man says, so he decided to go to the office right after the New Year to ask what was happening with his application.

Zuzana, a single mother, explains that she was only informed that her application for benefits was being processed by a "methodologist". However, she does not understand whether there is anything to prove or whether the benefit is approved or when it will be paid.

"I tried the online application and I didn't hear back."

Zuzana P. for Seznam Zprávy (January 2023)

The disastrous state of child psychiatry is to be improved by telemedicine. But psychiatrists are on average 64 years old.

"Next appointment in 5 months," is often the answer to parents seeking acute child psychiatric help. Recent breakthroughs in telemedicine could solve a long-standing problem in Czech healthcare thanks to digital technology. But the vast majority of our child psychiatrists are seniors who do not know, understand or even fear technology.

"Even if psychiatrists are younger and digitally literate, the introduction of telemedicine is accompanied by a lot of confusion and we will have to wait a long time for it."

Medical Journal, 2023

CZK 495 million was spent on information support during the pandemic, which, according to the analysis, was not used. The solution developed will not be used again.

The SAO also points out that the Ministry of Health did not incorporate the newly created information support into the Czech Pandemic Plan or the Ministry's information concept. Thus, there is a real possibility that, despite the money spent, the Smart Quarantine service system will not be used in future epidemics.

"Now we need to focus on making sure that the money spent is not wasted and that the infrastructure created continues to work. It would be a big mistake if in time the state would get into a similar situation as now and we would find out that things are not ready again and we are back to square one," said SAO President Miloslav Kala.

"CZK 387 million was spent on a smart quarantine system that did not work."

Annual Report of the Supreme Audit Office, 2022

It's holding us all back. From individuals to companies to the entire country.

Obsolescence in digital technology has a negative impact on society as a whole. The increasing digital divide causes social problems, reduces the competitiveness of companies, and hinders the progress of the state apparatus.

The incomprehensibility of processes in the public sphere and the lack of use of digital technologies slows down society as a whole.

If we don't do something about it, we will continue to fall further behind.

Through 1 and 0 we are changing the Czech Republic for the better

We were told we were naive. But we've been proving for years that change is possible. Step by step, we are patiently teaching nonprofits and government how to use digital technology.

At the core of the community are 6000+ expert volunteers. They bring to the community what is most valuable - their time and also their expertise, typically in the areas of software development, product design or project management. Thanks to their connection in the community, public benefit solutions in the form of open source digital products are created.

In the pandemic and at the beginning of the war Česko.Digital helped in the biggest crises

Covid portal

Information about government measures in a pandemic clearly in one place for the citizens of the Czech Republic.

Impact: 250 000+ people visited the portal in the first 48 hours of its operation

Dáme roušky

A community map of the drapes that made a key protective tool available at a critical moment in the covid-19 pandemic.

Impact: 600,000+ drapes passed thanks to the online community map

Stojíme za Ukrajinou

The information signpost, which was created almost over the weekend, offered dozens of instructions on how to offer or receive help.

Impact: nearly 800,000 people visited the signpost within 3 days of the outbreak of war


Within 3 days of the outbreak of war, the app offered a solution to facilitate communication between Czechs and Ukrainians.

Impact: 12,000+ users have already downloaded the mobile app

20+ digital solutions

created in the community

6000+ volunteers

registered in the community

252 000+ hours

volunteer work

4 000 000+ people

approached our digital solutions

Let's change the Czech Republic for the better. It needs it.

We found a way to move our entire company forward. Be there with us and support us. We've been demonstrating for 4 years how digital can help, we've created an automated ecosystem of public sector expert support and with your support we'll be able to accelerate it. We have a detailed systems change plan to solve the problem for the long term. We'd love to meet with you to discuss how we can work together.

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