Rules of conduct in Česko.Digital

The rules apply to all members of the Česko.Digital community, in all places where they interact and meet (this includes the Discuss.Digital forum, Slack, email, Confluence, Jira, GitHub, and other tools used, as well as shared events, courses, Česko.Digital social media profiles, etc.).

Everyone is welcome at Česko.Digital without distinction. Volunteers, representatives of partner organizations, supporters, people from non-profit organizations, public administration and other areas meet here.

Because each of us comes with different experiences, experiences and life stories, we have put together some common rules that allow us to work together in the best possible way, to cooperate, to increase the level of mutual understanding and to pursue the common goal of changing the Czech Republic for the better. These rules apply to all members without exception. Below you will not find a complete list of everything you should or should not do, but rather a general outline of how to function in the community.

Why do we find it important to have written rules of conduct?

At Česko.Digital , we are guided by our values, which are reflected in how the community operates. Yet we find it good to have these rules clearly written down so that everyone knows what to expect, what is expected of them, and what to do if someone violates the values. 

Our community is growing rapidly and we often don't know each other. Our values and rules of conduct define a safe space in which we can meet and work together. 

Values Česko.Digital

At Česko.Digital , we are guided by five core values:

  • Openness - We are an open organisation, we pride ourselves on open communication and accessibility of information and data. We express ourselves loudly, honestly and with respect for others. We are not afraid not to know and to ask.
  • Collaboration - It's easy for everyone to get involved regardless of location and time because of the willingness and help of others in the community.
  • Efficiency - We don't waste people's time or financial resources. We focus on effective solutions to real problems.
  • Professionalism - We have clearly set and named expectations of each other. We act professionally within the team and externally. We inspire and learn from professionals in the community and beyond.
  • Usability - We plan the solution so that the resulting product or service reflects the actual needs of end users as closely as possible. For us, technology is a means, not an end.

These values are also reflected in the rules of conduct.

Rules of conduct

  • We encourage open communication while taking into account the needs and characteristics of others. We do not assume, but ask and verify our expectations. We speak up when things don't make sense to us.
  • We encourage cooperation and mutual learning, we are friendly and patient with each other.
  • We communicate with each other professionally and respectfully, even though we may not always agree with each other.
    We resolve disagreements and misunderstandings constructively and try to understand each other. Each of us may have a different perspective. Just because the other person holds a different view does not mean they are wrong.
  • Any discriminatory or offensive behaviour is unacceptable, especially (but not limited to) the use of profanity, insults, swearing or derogatory terms, personal attacks on other community members, cyberbullying, doxing, etc. 
  • We behave responsibly towards other members of the community. Our work often depends on the work of others and vice versa. We all work together voluntarily and participate in activities according to our current abilities and preferences, which may change over time and are natural. However, if someone makes an important decision that could affect others, or leaves a project or activity they are involved in, it is important to communicate this transparently so that others can make arrangements and possibly start looking for a replacement.

How do I report a violation of the Community Code of Conduct?

Two specific members of the Česko.Digital tribal team are always in charge of dealing with rule violations. The names of the currently assigned tribal team members can be found in this overview. In the event that a rule violation is committed by one of the currently assigned tribal team members, you may request a change in the person handling the situation to anyone else on the tribal team

If you witness inappropriate behaviour or are even targeted (either in person or online), please let us know immediately by emailing Alerts are always confidential and will always be dealt with. 

The two designated tribal team members will then review whether a violation has actually occurred and jointly evaluate the next course of action. 

If the rules have been broken, we use the following process:

  • Authorized community members always address the violation directly with the offender so that they have an opportunity to comment on the situation.
  • The violator shall be notified by one of the designated Tribal Team members of the violation either in the appropriate public communication channel or privately, depending on the situation and the nature of the violation.
    The notice shall include a warning not to repeat similar behavior in the future and a link to this document.
  • Any posts that violate the rules of conduct may be immediately deleted by an authorized member of the tribal team, who will also send a deletion message to the appropriate communication channel, including a justification for the deletion.
  • If the substance of the violation is a conflict between community members, the designated Tribal Team member may offer private or public consultation or mediation of the conflict if warranted.
  • If a person breaks the rules a second time, he or she will be blocked from accessing the communication platform for one week.
  • After a week's exclusion, the person can request to be allowed access again. Authorized tribal team members may grant access earlier at their discretion.
  • If the situation is repeated a third time, the person in question shall be blocked from accessing the communication platform until further notice, as agreed upon by the two designated tribal team members. Access may only be reinstated after approval by a supermajority of the Tribal Team.
  • If you've actually read this far, email us at; the first person to email us gets a sweatshirt Česko.Digital :)

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