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Community Česko.Digital

Česko.Digital is a community of expert volunteers from many fields, from IT to project management to marketing, who spend their free time helping the state and non-profit organizations and changing the Czech Republic for the better. It was founded in 2019 by Jakub Nešetřil, Radka Horáková and Eva Pavlíková. There are currently over 6,000 volunteers in the community, making it the largest civic-tech organization in Europe. The goal of Česko.Digital is a future in which technology serves people, regardless of time, place or social conditions.

Annual Reports

Expert volunteers

The most important ones, without whom it wouldn't work. The community of more than 6,000 expert volunteers from many disciplines ranging from IT to project management to marketing. Their role is irreplaceable - pro bono they have helped or are helping the state and non-profit organizations with digitalization, changing the Czech Republic for the better. And what do some of them have to say about their experience with Česko.Digital ?

I have been through a lot of different courses, webinars and lectures, but here you can learn much more, much faster and for free.
I met new people, I feel like I'm helping a meaningful cause. I feel good that I'm working on a project that has a societal impact.
Česko.Digital I like it overall - from the idea, to the way it was conceived and the projects implemented, to the people involved. It all makes sense to me and I'm a big fan.
I feel very comfortable here - we work as a team, everyone is willing to help, consult, discuss, you get constructive criticism. I learn something new every time and I really feel like I'm moving forward here.
I really enjoyed working with Česko.Digital . It was the first step towards the IT industry.
Česko.Digital allows me to assist with my knowledge and experience and effectively use/transmit what I have learned.
Why Česko.Digital? New challenges and the joy of being able to help.
I am proud of the fact that we did not give up in one weak moment and finally put together a great and persistent team of professionals, which is now pulling the Jehlomat.cz website to a successful end.
I enjoy meeting inspiring people from whom I can draw new experiences and information, and I am also happy when I can help them with something.

Tribal team

The number of tribal team members changes irregularly, but the aspirations and values remain the same. With paid time and the necessary context, the tribal team is fully committed to the development of the organisation, service design and community care. At the same time, they create the organisation's strategy and branding to help achieve the goals set. It is also responsible for communicating the organization's benefits and uniqueness and building relationships with government, nonprofits, the public and other organizations.

Eva Pavlíková

Chief Executive Officer

I lead the community Česko.Digital, ensuring its development and direction. Outside of the community, you will most often find me in the role of CEO or Director. My AHA moments.

Jan Kotara

Chief Operations Officer

In my role, I enable others to focus on their tasks and maximise productivity by contributing to the facilitation of the organisation's operations and processes.

Theresa Gagnon

Head of Partnership & Fundraising

I am responsible for fundraising and nurturing donors and partners Česko.Digital, to grow our supporter base to help achieve our goals.

Romana Pokorná

Programme & Project Lead

I am responsible for the development of the accelerator for non-profit organizations. I work on improving the project methodology. I organize meetings and trainings for volunteers and representatives of the public sphere on given topics.

Anežka Müller

Community Experience Lead

I take care of the functioning of the Česko.Digital community primarily from a volunteer perspective. My goal is to keep our volunteers happy and motivated and to make sure they take away a positive experience. I help set up background processes based on input from the community.

Jindřich Oukropec

Brand Product Owner

I am responsible for the brand, reputation and communication strategy of the organisation. I deal with what we say to whom and how we say it. I manage the expectations we raise with regard to organisational goals. I also hold the role of Scrum Support Master on projects.

Terézia Palaščáková

Content Lead

I am responsible for the content that promotes Česko.Digital and its individual projects. I also lead and motivate the content team and act as a content mentor. When needed, I become a copywriter for a while.

Martina Habová

Marketing & Communication Lead

I am responsible for the visibility and promotion of the community of expert volunteers, their activities and impact. I work with marketing specialists.

Lukáš Návesník

Digital & Production Lead

I manage audiovisual content and lead the dobro.production team and our edu.digital learning platform. I create graphics for social media, blog articles and educational materials. I act as a liaison between marketing & IT.

Tomas Znamenacek


I take care of programming the Česko.Digital website and generally maintaining and developing the internal tools.

Gabriela Chladilová

Data Specialist

I care for both incoming volunteers and individuals from non-profit and public service organizations in our community. I am in charge of community data.

Lujza Kotryová

Service Designer

I am responsible for the design management of the project Digital inclusionto help bridge the digital divide for digitally excluded people. I am making sure that we do not forget them in the digitalisation of the Czech Republic.

Veronika Quek

Product Designer

I'm in charge of the project Non-profit.Digitalin which we want to offer practical tools for increasing digital competences of non-profit organisations together with volunteers and partner organisations.

Tereza Rybová

Event Lead

I take care of everything related to organizing events at Česko.Digital - hack days, meetups, lectures, conferences. I'm responsible for event strategy, keeping the event plan up to date and I'm in charge of the good-team that helps with the implementation of events.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of experienced experts with different competences. It helps with the direction of the organisation and spreads its good name. It also supports the CEO, consults and proposes solutions for important milestones of the organisation and ensures compliance with legislation and rules. He consults on an ongoing basis and meets every 3-4 months.

Jakub Nešetřil

Startup Founder, Non-Profit Founder, Tech Geek

Dita Formankova

Director & Founder Czechitas, Director Diversity & Inclusion and Communities / Gen

Robert Basch

Corporate Social Responsibility, Manager / Livesport

Michal Bláha

Director & Founder

Ondřej Zapletal

Collaborative Philanthropy and Nonprofit Strategist