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Stojíme za Ukrajinou

Together and clearly. People from Stojíme za Ukrajinou platform teamed up with Česko.Digital and over the weekend created a signpost for aid to Ukraine

About the project

Signpost Stojíme za Ukrajinou #StandWithUkraine

An enormous wave of solidarity has risen throughout society and people have begun to unite under the heading of Stojíme za Ukrajinou. On 25 February, under the auspices of Česko.Digital, we launched the official project of the same name with the help signpost www.stojimezaukrajinou.cz. 

We created a website that made it easier for those who wanted help but didn't know how (I want help) and those who needed help but didn't know where to turn (I need help).

The platform Stojíme za Ukrajinou was created to avoid fragmentation of information and duplication of work. The actual creation of the website was preceded by intensive communication and networking between different organizations.

The help directory www.stojimezaukrajinou.cz functioned as a website that brings together various forms of help through verified links. As the state and non-profit organizations have, with the passage of time, offered similar services as part of their activities, the reason to further develop a website that was intended to help in times of sudden emergence has fallen away. You can find the story of help on our website.

And what do the volunteers who got involved have to say?

Adina Foxová - designer in the project Stojíme za Ukrajinou:
"Seeing the huge wave of solidarity and helping to channel it to the right places with a rapidly emerging project is like a dream. I had a great time working with the team at Česko.Digital and the volunteers. Thanks for the opportunity to be there."

Project coordinators

Helena Černá

Anežka Laská

Kateřina Jiřinová

Maksym Stoikov

Alana Maria Carazon

Michaela Jelínková

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