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Ambasadoři Česko.Digital

Die-hard fans of Česko.Digital, who systematically share key community milestones

About the project

The project targets the most loyal fans of Česko.Digital, who want to support the community in other ways than by participating in projects or financially. As part of the ambassadorship we allow anyone to sign up to spread the ideas of Česko.Digital, actively participate in Slack and events, support the community with promotional materials and on social networks.

The ambassador programme aims to make it as easy, simple and effective as possible to promote the interests of Česko.Digital. In a special channel on Slack, ambassadors go for so-called challenges, which are linked to the most strategically important events of the month. This way, the ambassador doesn't have to think about how to support the community, but has a pre-set brief on how to do it, leaving plenty of room for their own creativity, invention or commentary.

Ambassadors and ambassadors are sure that their activities are connected to other parts of the community and together they form a meaningful coordinated whole, which always has the same goal - to change the Czech Republic for the better. Through their activities, Ambassadors: dispel stereotypes about digital technologies, motivate others to join the community and draw attention to key or neglected topics in the field of digital technologies in the public sphere.

Do you like what we do at Česko.Digital ?#

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Project coordinators

Petra Kristof

Michal Rada

Hana Burešová

Petr Illek

Klára Scholleová

Šárka Rauchová

Karolína Markytánová

Honza Složil

Milli Boskova

Jan Štefanides

Nikola Carić

Martin Ladecký

Jan Kaláb

Růžena Kentošová

Eva Zábušek

Josef Zemek

Zdeněk Culek

Dominika Pražáková

Ivona Nozarová

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