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Společně a digitálně

Platform of non-profit organizations for the digital transformation of the state

About the project

Public administration requires significant transformation and digitisation is an integral part of this. The low efficiency and limits of public administration are commonly encountered not only by citizens, but also by officials and governments. That is why we have initiated a joint declaration of NGOs and experts and appeal to the government to make the transformation of the civil service a priority.

Who are we#

What we do#

  • We connect the expert, methodological and advocacy know-how of organisations, officials, experts, entrepreneurs, IT and expert communities
  • Formulating priorities and proposing solutions for public administration
  • We lobby politicians and officials for the necessary legislative and executive measures
  • We are strengthening public administration competences in the field of digital transformation. We support awareness and education of public administration and citizens
  • We provide expert consultation and strengthen the dialogue between the state and suppliers of technology and IT solutions

Do you like what we do at Česko.Digital ?#

Project coordinators

Eva Pavlíková

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