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Online: the Russian invasion of Ukraine in pupils' and students' questions

On Monday 7 March morning (9:45 and 12:00) there will be a debate on the Kremlin's aggression against Ukraine for all primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

The aim of the debate is to provide a clear view from different expert perspectives on the current critical situation in Ukraine and to help children and adolescents understand what is happening, how this situation affects us and how to approach it.

The debate will take place online and Czech pupils, students, teachers and parents will be able to watch it on YouTube and Facebook, and questions can be asked via the Slido app before the debate (links will be added).

At the same time, a website will be launched on Monday where teachers and parents can find materials on the topic to work on in the classroom and with families. There will also be accompanying material for teachers on how to approach potential conflicts in schools, how to explain the situation and where to turn for advice.

The following will participate in the discussion:

Petr Gazdík, Minister of Education
Petr Kolář, former ambassador to the US and Russia
Petr Pavel, former head of NATO military units
Michael Romancov, political geographer focusing on Russia and Ukraine
Richard Smejkal, head of the Red Cross crisis team
Bob Kartous, expert on disinformation

The debate will be moderated by Nora Fridrichová.

The debate is organised by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Prague Innovation Institute in cooperation with the City of Prague and Czech Television. Technical support was provided by Česko.Digital, Vertical Production and Smíchovská Střední průmyslová škola a gymnázium.

Date of the event
after 3/7 08:45
Length of the event
3.25 hours

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