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Nezisk.Digital (program)

Let's support the public sphere in the effective use of digital technologies to solve societal problems and thus improve the living conditions of citizens in the Czech Republic.

About the project

Several crises in recent years have highlighted what we have known for a long time - our society has large gaps in digital competences. This is not only true for individual citizens, but logically also for entire organisations, especially in the non-profit and public sectors. Because of their digital deficit, they do not have the opportunity to help as effectively and purposefully as they could.

Česko.Digital has so far helped to bridge this "digital divide", especially for more advanced digital competencies - we have helped and are helping organisations to define and create their own digital products and services. However, this service of ours is only appreciated by a relatively small percentage of the most digitally mature. If we want to digitize the entire company, we need to help organizations with simpler competencies, such as using existing digital tools, effective digital communication, security, or data storage. (We got a good taste of this at the Nezisk.Digital event late last year, where interested nonprofits could get a quick idea of the basics of digital security.)

We want to continue in this direction and, in collaboration with volunteers and partner NGOs, offer a set of practice-oriented services that will help public organisations with digital competences at all levels, from the very basics to the development of digital products and services.

We are aware that a number of existing players are targeting the development of digital competencies over the long term and are doing a very good job. At the same time, this theme is resonating today at the government level, which wants to make 2023 the "Year of Digital Literacy". Česko.Digital does not want to duplicate existing efforts and projects - we want to connect and unify them and create a coherent platform that makes it easier to engage those who need to learn and those who want to help them.

Project coordinators

Veronika Quek

Romana Pokorná


Get involved

We would like to thank all the volunteers and workers from expert organizations involved.

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