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Kurz Nezisk.Digital

A course designed specifically for the needs of non-profit organisations in the social sector, and well worth enrolling in. With the active support of a mentor*mentee and immediately applicable results.

About the project

During the course, we will help you assess and optimize the collaboration, communication and security tools in your nonprofit organization and find the right tool to make you truly effective in your work.

Book a place for your nonprofit in the winter run of the Nezisk.Digital course now and put an end to the trial-and-error approach. Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the course is free of charge for non-profit organisations in the social sector (social care and assistance to disadvantaged groups, employment).#

As a non-profit organization, you have different needs than the commercial world. And we know that.

  • You need to reduce time-consuming administration so you can spend more of your working time working directly with clients and the public.
  • Duplicating certain processes or pushing a demanding agenda out of the team's sight can demotivate your team.
  • Team communication is opaque and you get lost in it despite your best efforts.
  • You are addressing how to keep your organization's data secure against cyber threats and leaks.

You suspect that one of the many digital tools could help you with these problems, but you don't have the time to find out the details or the funds for an IT specialist. You're also clear that it's important to consider the actual needs and capabilities of your colleagues when choosing technology, so you don't invest a lot of initiative and energy into something that won't work in the end.

What will active participation in the course bring to you and your organisation?#

  • You will indeed find a workable solution to your problem.
  • Plus, through active learning, you'll also learn a process to help you choose the next tool you need!
  • But you won't be on your own during the course. You can rely on the support and cooperation of an experienced mentor*mentee.
  • The facilitator*facilitator helps you to keep the pace and motivates you to work actively in the course.
  • In a safe environment, you will hear problems and solutions from other nonprofit organizations

What do the participants say about the course?#

What participants say

Course content#

The course is online only.

  • 4 modules

    • #01 Audit
    • #02 Plan
    • #03 Selection of tools
    • #04 Setup Each module contains instructional videos and templates.
  • 2 online meetings for active sharing with other NGOs

  • Time commitment 5 hours per week for 10-12 weeks

What participants say

Would you like to share your experience with non-profit organizations as a mentor*mentee? Fill out the questionnaire and we will get back to you with more information.#

Mentoring in the Nezisk.Digital course is recommended by most of the mentors and mentees from the pilot course. Apart from the great feeling of seeing a visible shift in NGOs and their proactive approach, as a mentor*mentee you will also broaden your horizons - NGOs have different functioning and problems.

Who are we looking for?#

  • UX designers, consultants and project managers who know how to ask good questions and can help an organization formulate a strategy.
  • technical experts*experts who*can recommend a suitable tool and procedure for its implementation (e.g. Airtable, Google Sheets, Tabidoo, Trello, Asana).

Why we created the Nezisk.Digital# course

At Česko.Digital , we strive to improve living conditions in the Czech Republic by systematically changing the public sphere, which often fails to effectively harness the potential of technology. Lack of competences is one of the main obstacles. According to the European DESI 2022 index, the Czech Republic ranks well below average in the integration of digital technologies - 19th among the 27 EU Member States.

"Digital skills are not just about tools, they are about people. Digital technologies, with the right mix of skills and capabilities, have the power to transform the way public services are delivered."- Martha Lane Fox, Independent Member of the House of Lords, Chancellor of the Open University and Board Member of Twitter

We created a pilot course that significantly contributed to the sustainable development of the competences of 6 NGOs, provided them with active support in their first steps in the field of digital technologies and gained valuable feedback for further development of the educational system in this area.

Overall rating of the course Nezisk.Digital

The project was implemented thanks to a grant from the Employment Plus programme (funded by the European Union), which is announced by the Department for the Implementation of ESF Programmes under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Final reports from the incubation phase:


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Kurátor*ka kurzu Nezisk.Digital


Design, Scrum Master

Seniorní Technologičtí Konzultanti pro kurz Nezisk.Digital

3-5 hours a week

Design, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Dev, Dev

Seniorní Service / UX Designéři: Průvodci v kurzu Nezisk.Digital

3-5 hours a week

Design, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Dev

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