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An application for transparent management, thanks to which municipalities can visualize their budget down to the level of individual invoices, in a clear and humane way.

About the project

Who fixed the sidewalk around the corner? How much did it cost to build the new kindergarten? How to present the municipality's budget data to citizens in a clear and understandable way? These were the tasks of the Cityvizor project. Thanks to it, municipalities can now present the use of public funds in a clear and transparent way, and we can find out who used public funds and how with a few clicks. 23 municipalities already present their budget data to their citizens in human language.

I find the enthusiasm of volunteers who are willing to invest their spare time in a worthwhile cause rewarding. I am glad that so many people exist. - Pavla Kadlecová, Open Cities

Transparent municipal management#

While the first ideas appeared at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the operation and development of Cityvizor was taken care of by the Open Cities organization, the technology partner was the community Česko.Digital. Expert volunteers looked at the issue from a new angle and uncovered several parts of the project that had not been thought of before and worked on these parts.

The result of the cooperation is a clear visualization of the municipality's budget with detailed data that is obtained directly from its accounting systems and then displayed clearly, comprehensibly and in context. It is an application for all those interested in the management of municipalities in the Czech Republic - for citizens, councillors, municipal staff and journalists.

Cooperation on a volunteer platform on such a scale was completely new for me. (...) But for me it was a very valuable and mainly positive experience. - Martin Šebek, ICT Operator


Access to public data on municipal management is now even easier. Thanks to the project, the platform for clear visualization of the municipal budget with detailed data is clearer and easier to understand. You can now find out who built the kindergarten on your street and for how much with just a few clicks. See for yourself on Cityvizor.

Media mentions#

Do you like what's happening in Česko.Digital?#

Project coordinators

Pavla Kadlecová

Adéla Kalusová

Kateřina Kocianová

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