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Digitální inkluze

A new platform to promote the use of digital technologies among seniors, children and minorities.

About the project

At Česko.Digital , we have 3.5 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, government and commercial companies. We help them to effectively use digital technologies to solve societal problems and improve the lives of people in the Czech Republic. 

In partnership with Google.org, the Česko.Digital community and an ecosystem of collaborating organisations, we are rolling out new support for the use of digital technologies for people who may be socially excluded or have a poor quality of life due to a lack of competences.

Specifically, the following target groups and their (possible) life situations

  • Seniors (over 65) - how to use technology to deal with life situations such as shopping, ordering a taxi, picking up medication or contacting family
  • Children (12-18 years old) - from socially excluded localities of the Czech Republic, who are about to apply for their first job, are active but uneducated about how to behave in the online world
  • Minorities - how to communicate with the state, how to complete digital competences for finding a (new) job
  • Non-profit organisations - how to use digital tools to connect with their clients and supporters (following the example of commercial companies)

The first objectives of the project: 

  • Identify basic needs in the use of digital technologies
  • Identification and description of a self-management platform that helps address the needs of target groups (through a network of collaborating organisations)
  • Description of support for the volunteer community through meetings, events, education or mentoring

The project is in the preparatory phase and will run until December 2024. By that time, a solution will have been developed that will support the improvement of the living situation of tens of thousands of individuals by December 2024.
The first milestone is to gather data on these target groups and base our (future) solution on their real needs. The Česko.Digital community can provide solutions in the form of a digital product, workshops/webinars, leaflets or mentoring.

The needs of the target groups will be addressed individually in dedicated teams. We welcome volunteers, companies with expertise in research and non-profit organizations that are in direct contact with these target groups.  

Project coordinators

Romana Pokorná

Roman Novotný

Lujza Kotryová

Petra Kristof


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We would like to thank all the volunteers and workers from expert organizations involved.

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