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Digitální inkluze

We're creating a platform for everyone to help children, seniors and minorities build digital skills.

About the project

The Digital Inclusion Project builds a platform to improve digital skills for children, seniors and minorities. In partnership with Google.org, the Česko.Digital community, and an ecosystem of participating organizations, we want to help digitally excluded populations improve their quality of life.

What's happening on the project right now?

We conducted a unique research on digital exclusion and created 7+1 digital profiles of social services clients. We would like these profiles to be used as guides by design teams, social service operators and government to better understand these target groups and create better services.

Download digital profiles here to create better services and change the Czech Republic for the better with us!

And what else?#

We are embarking on the design of a new service that will help change the situation of digitally excluded and vulnerable people. But we don't want to create more training or webinars, of which there are plenty on the market. We want to effectively support the ecosystem of organisations and institutions that are already working with digitally excluded groups. In turn, we want to help their clients gain better digital competencies to lead them to greater independence and confidence in dealing with their life situations.

In the coming months we will design, prototype, test and gradually develop the solution.

I want to know more!#

Take a look at our Showcase recordings, in which we transparently present what we have already done on the project.

Showcase #1 introduces you to how we designed the research and how we think about the project in general. Recorded Presentation Infographic Focus Groups

Showcase #2 is the first presentation of the research results to our partners. Recording Presentation of 7+1 Digital Profiles

I want to get involved!#

Do you want to get directly involved in the project as an organisation, volunteer or expert partner? Check out the volunteer positions below or follow us directly to the Digital Inclusion channel on our Community Slack. If you want to get involved with your organisation in testing a new service or establishing an expert partnership email Lujza Kotry at lujza.kotryova@cesko.digital.

Do you like what we do at Česko.Digital ?#

Become a fan of Česko.Digital and share the latest posts of our project on social networks among your friends(Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram) or subscribe to our newsletters.

Project coordinators

Romana Pokorná

Roman Novotný

Lujza Kotryová

Michaela Vebrová

Kamila Tomaskova

Marie Tylšová

Honza Matička

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Google Meet

Showcase #3 Digitální inkluze

Come and hear what is currently happening on the project. We welcome the public, partners, volunteers and your friends and acquaintances!

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Google Prague

Press Conference Digital exclusion or Having a smart phone is not enough

Don't miss the press conference on Digital Exclusion.

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Google Meet

Showcase #2 Digital Inclusion

Come and hear what is currently happening on the project. We welcome the public, partners, volunteers and your friends and acquaintances!

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