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Festival kreativní byrokracie 2023

The festival aims to connect and support creative people in public administration for a more open, trustworthy and confident public administration.

About the project

The successful conference gradually grew into a fair of ideas and an open-air festival. The goal of the festival is simple: to abandon the culture of "It can't be done because" and promote "We can do it if." In doing so, we, along with other festivals around the world, contribute to improving the image of public administration as a place for innovation and meaningful and engaging work in the public interest.

On 19 June, on the premises of the Emmaus Monastery and the Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning in Prague, we are preparing lectures by the best Czech and international officials and their allies. Panel discussions, workshops, job-fair, networking. And also some music, games and fun.

You can find a recollection of last year's edition here, recordings of individual lectures and discussions on the Youtube channel Česko.Digital.

Who we are looking for:
Content co-creators and volunteers for the production team.

Get involved

We would like to thank all the volunteers and workers from expert organizations involved.

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