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Festival kreativní byrokracie 2023

The largest networking platform for those who want a modern, secure and flexible government full of innovation.

About the project

The authorities do not communicate with each other and instead of sharing good practice, they close themselves into their own world. As a result, the Czech Republic is lagging behind in the use of digital technologies in the public sector. The festival therefore connects enlightened bureaucrats who are not afraid to talk to each other, share good practice and thus move the state apparatus towards modern functioning.

The festival tries to put an end to the "It can't be done because..." mindset. and instead encourage "We can do it if..." Together with other festivals around the world, it contributes to improving the image of public administration as a place for innovation and meaningful and engaging work in the public interest.

What do we want to achieve?#

To connect creative civil servants, open debates on current issues of technology in public administration and invite foreign experts. All to promote a useful, fair and pragmatic way to technology in the state apparatus as much as possible.

You can find a recollection of last year's edition here, recordings of individual lectures and discussions on the Youtube channel Česko.Digital.

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Project coordinators

Matej Chytil

We choose from our blog

Blog Česko.Digital

Festival of creative bureaucracy: bold civil servants and innovation for a better state. Read a summary of all the lectures from the third edition

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