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Senzor vzduchu

Community-based solutions for environmental data collection and support of citizen science in the Czech Republic

About the project

About 11 000 people die every year in the Czech Republic because of environmental pollution . The cost of dealing with the effects of air pollution costs us all around 5% of GDP, and yet few people know about it. Moreover, dangerous gases and microscopic particles in the air are not visible, yet they have serious negative effects on our health. That's why the community is teaming up with the Sensorair team to focus on:

  • design process to find the most suitable digital solution
  • creating a functioning community of enthusiasts to spread awareness of citizen science
  • Definition of key activities and initiatives of the team, including the setting of a medium and long-term plan for the further development of Senzorvzduchu
  • updating the website to keep it up to date with all activities

Joining forces between the two organisations will increase the number of air quality sensors and raise awareness of the problem. The problem is responsible for the health problems of citizens and, unfortunately, for some of them, ultimately their deaths.

What technologies do we use?#

Air Sensor brings an innovative solution to help detect these harmful particles using amateur sensors. These sensors measure PM2.5 and PM10 particles, temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity in real time. The air sensor uses open-source technology from Sensor.Community, which has already connected 13,400 sensors in 78 countries and has taken more than 22 billion measurements to date.

For more information, join us on the Slack channel (after registering for the >č.d community at join.cesko.digital).

Do you like what we do at Česko.Digital ?#

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Project coordinators

Nikola Carić

Michael Lažan

Romana Pokorná

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