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Hlídač insolvencí

Insolvency register information clearly and comprehensibly

About the project

One of the first accelerated projects Česko.Digital was the Insolvency Watchdog. The aim was to create a **simple, up-to-date and clear list of companies and persons in insolvency in one place. **

Česko.Digital has taken care of the design of the pages in the Insolvency Watch, the layout and clear arrangement of the information from the Insolvency Register and its comprehensible interpretation for the general public.

How the project will change Czechia for the better

  • Through an in-depth analysis of the data, we attempted to find dependencies and patterns of behaviour that are not discernible from individual cases and to propose systemic changes in insolvency proceedings. This part of the project is still ongoing.
  • We have made information from insolvency proceedings available, especially for legal entities, linking it to the data of Hlídač státu and making it more transparent whether the state knowingly or unknowingly cooperates with companies in insolvency and knows about the risks associated with them.
  • We have made insolvency data available for investigative journalism, where information from the insolvency register is indispensable. Journalists now have convenient tools and access to this database and links to all other databases.


We have added a new feature of the same name to the Hlídač státu website. Hlídač insolvencí has thus enriched and data-linked the existing databases of Hlídač státu with another possible view of publicly active or politically exposed persons who may be involved in companies that are in insolvency or have themselves, as persons, gone into insolvency.

Read more about the project on our blog: Volunteers from Česko.Digital helped the State Watchdog track insolvencies

Project coordinators

Michal Bláha

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