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Darování hotových pokrmů

Save the Food helps get unreleased meals from food pantries to people in need, such as single parents or seniors. Volunteers from Česko.Digital helped create the website and app.

About the project

In Czech quick service restaurants, up to 25 kg of food is left over and thrown away every day.

The Save the Lunch project from Save the Food helps get unreleased meals from cafeterias to people in need, such as single parents or seniors.

Since the project started in 2022, over 20,000 portions have been transported to people in need. During the acceleration of the project, we helped select and design the appropriate (not only) technology solution that would be best suited for the food donation product, connecting the project with designers, product and technology experts. We've had several design workshops and presentations at themed conferences and meetings.

Improvements to the Save Your Lunch app are ongoing. Would you like to get involved? Join the #incubate-hotova_jidla_pomahaji channel on Slack (via join.cesko.digital). We are currently looking for developers in Flutter.

Project coordinators

Marek Malík

Anna Strejcová

Tereza Modlová

Jakub Timko

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