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Darování hotových pokrmů

Zachraň jídlo organization wants to get unused food from canteens to people in need - single parents or seniors

About the project

In Czech quick service restaurants, up to 25 kg of food is left over and thrown away every day.

Save the Food wants to get unissued meals from soup kitchens to people in need, such as single parents or seniors.

During incubation, we help select and design the appropriate (not only) technological solution that would be most suitable for the food donation product, connecting the project with designers, product and technology experts. We have held several design workshops and presentations at thematic conferences and meetings.

Would you like to get involved? Join the slack channel #incubation-hotova_jidla_pomahaji.

Project coordinators

Tomas Volek

Marek Malík

Anna Strejcová

Tereza Modlová

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