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Volební kalkulačka

The Election Calculator aspires to grow further, becoming not only a simple and clear tool for quick, easy and informed choices, but also a guide to political preferences over time and a tool for discussion in civil society.

About the project

The new and technologically enhanced Volební kalkulačka 2022 is designed to provide trusted information and evidence to make informed voting decisions in 10 minutes before the election.

The project was brought to the community by the organisation KohoVolit.eu, which wants to make it easier for citizens to participate in elections with a simple technological solution.

The election calculator has already been redesigned for easier use on all devices and is gradually adding new functionality. For example, election results can be shared on social media to encourage public discussion.

The newest extension is the ability to manage profiles, where the user saves the result and can return to it years later. He can use his answers repeatedly without having to answer the same question in subsequent elections, etc.

One of the planned improvements is a clearer comparison of the results of the corresponding candidates for even better user orientation.

Project coordinators

Lucie Zatorska

Michal Škop

Martin Wenisch

Martin Ladecký

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