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Volební kalkulačka 2022

Just before the elections, at the time of the biggest political battles, the Election Calculator 2022 project wants to offer a clear tool for an easy, quick and informed choice

About the project

The new and technologically enhanced Volební kalkulačka 2022 is designed to provide trusted information and evidence to make informed voting decisions in 10 minutes before the election.

The project was brought to the community by the organisation KohoVolit.eu, which wants to make it easier for citizens to participate in elections with a simple technological solution.

One of the planned improvements is greater interactivity and connectivity, along the lines of the well-known Kahoot app. A larger group of people can use the election calculator together.

Another enhancement is the ability to manage profiles, where the users save the result and can return to it years later. They will be able to use their answers repeatedly without having to answer the same question in subsequent elections, etc.

Project coordinators

Lucie Zatorska

Michal Škop

Gabriela Chladilová

Jan Pokorny

Lukáš Přikryl

Martin Ladecký


We are currently looking for

All opportunities
Marketing Lead

3-5 hours a week


Vue.js developer*developer

5-10 hours a week



3-5 hours a week


Get involved

We would like to thank all the volunteers and workers from expert organizations involved.

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