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IxDD Brno 2021: Solidarity & Transformation

World Interaction Design Day is an annual event where we come together as a united global community to show how interaction design improves the human condition.

This year we'll look into topics: TRANSFORMATION AND SOLIDARITY - which are in the context of the global IXDD closely linked to the pandemic situation.
We'll focus mainly on the concept of: Design in the Background - the areas most affected by covid events - such as education, healthcare, and travel. These have undergone the greatest transformations, but people still know little about all the changes, that happened, challenges overcome, the initiatives and projects created and what they are trying to achieve.

Following these topics, you'll be able to meet and chat with a group of inspiring people from mentioned above areas and take a lot of valuable insights and ideas away with you.
Also, you're welcome to enjoy drinks and food with us during the program :)

This time we'll meet in-person for an offline event 🤩
5pm. Doors open
18:00 Official IXDD introduction + short intro from our venue host
18:15 - 18:45 Anežka Muller - "Teaching online", Czech Digital
Coffee&Cupcake break
18:55 - 19:25 Blanka&Otakar - "VČAS app project and prevention", Loono
Coffee&Cupcake break
19.35 - 20:05 Jana Hřebecká - Start Again, Pábení
20:05 - 20:35 Adam Vodička, Anybody - Hotel that doesn't exist
20:05 - free networking time + edu-point with practical prevention displays from Loono experts

  • we can move to the bar together afterwards 🍹

⭐ all talks are English only

Date of the event
Tue Oct 5, 4pm
Length of the event
3 hours

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