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Učíme online

A driving force supporting the necessary and long-term changes in Czech education, which has helped schools and parents to teach online during the pandemic.

About the project

Schools have closed, the whole country has been isolated from the COVID-19 pandemic. How to respond immediately at home and at school to this unexpected situation was addressed by expert volunteers in the Teach Online project.

Over 700 volunteers joined together in the project, which managed to get computers, laptops and tablets to nearly 3,000 families. They organized 110 webinars, which taught 10,000 teachers, principals or parents how to teach online. During the toughest lockdowns, they helped more than 600 schools switch to distance learning and ultimately won 2nd place in the Education Innovation Awards (EDUína, 2020).

1 problem, several solutions#

Helping families and schools get online quickly has required several activities. The Teach for Dummies webinars helped with immediate outreach and education on online learning. Getting the necessary technology to socially disadvantaged families was made possible thanks to the Computer Collection, now managed by People in Need. How to set up Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom in your school to enable online learning was provided by the Technology to Schools service .

Joining forces across disciplines has brought about lasting change#

Connecting to the technology community was a key part of the project. The project has succeeded in preparing different types of schools for online education in the long term and in bringing important know-how to teachers and school principals on how to effectively deliver online learning or what tools to use.

And because one-off assistance is not enough, the team has pushed for the development of systemic cooperation with the National Institute of Education of the Czech Republic. With high-quality teaching materials, ICT experts and a network of collaborating organisations, they continue to work to promote long-term changes in the education system.


  • Volunteers helped 618 schools in the Czech Republic to launch online learning.
  • More than 10,000 teachers, principals or parents have attended the Teaching for Dummies webinars and we have broadcast over 110 webinars.
  • Also created Video librarywhere hundreds of educational videos have more than 100 thousand views.
  • With the help of 66 corporate donors, we were able to provide 2,920 families with a computer, laptop or tablet and engage 233 organizations, schools and orphanages that helped us get technology to families in need.
  • The Teach Online project also came 2nd in the 2020 Innovation in Education Awards, better known as EDUína, and was a finalist in the 2021 SDG Awards.

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Recordings of live broadcasts#

Media mentions#

Project coordinators

Barbora Petříková

Katerina Alturbanova

Kačka Beranová

Klara Podpierova

Anežka Müller

Gabriela Chladilová

Libuše Homolová

Pavel Šnábl

Patrik Bican

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