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Flutter Hackday

July Hackday to support the development of the mobile app Prevention Guide for Loono

Are you interested in developments in Flutter?

Do you want to learn more about it and experience development in practice under the mentorship of senior Flutter developers?
Are you a (frontend) developer who already knows Flutter or want to learn it?
Would you like to take a chance to create a Prevention Guide app for the non-profit organization Loono that is an efficient and cost-effective way to improve population health?
If this experience intrigues you, read on - this opportunity is right up your alley!

How's it all going to work?

We will meet at** 9:00 am at HubHub in Ara Palace,** where we will start with coffee, introductions and the agenda for the day.

At the beginning Blanka Sigmundová (Loono Director) will introduce the project and the latest news and Martin Wenisch (CTO Česko.Digital) will tell us the most important things about the development in Flutter and what we can expect that day.
The work will be done in **3-4 teams with a senior Flutter developer, the **mentor of the team. Each team will break down the tasks prepared in Jira and get to work.
At noon, we plan to have lunch together at HubHub (pizza, bagels...). 

We will conclude the day's team engagement** with a presentation of the results, the benefits of the day** and an introduction of next steps with **opportunities for further involvement** in the Community Prevention Guide project Česko.Digital.
We will finish the time spent working with a beer and informal networking. The event is scheduled to end at 19.00.

Who will be your mentor?

What is the Prevention Guide app?

This app under development by the non-profit organization Loono is designed to help educate the public on where to go for preventive screenings and why. At the same time, it aims to be an activation tool - that is, to actively remind people about prevention and motivate them to comply. Of course, relevant and validated content about health and prevention is a must.

Find out more about the app here.

Loono has been teaching the public how to prevent serious diseases for 7 years. The new app will help Czechs lead longer and better lives, teach them to go for preventive check-ups and take responsibility for their health.

Thank you to our partner HUBHUB for providing us with the space and the opportunity to create great things.

Date of the event
Sat 7/17 07:00
Length of the event
10 hours
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