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A platform providing all prevention information at a glance and in one place

About the project

A joint project of the non-profit organisation Loono and the community of expert volunteers Česko.Digital is addressing the lack of awareness of the general public about the possibilities of early prevention of serious diseases and is working on the development of an app. This app will provide people with all the information about preventive check-ups and other prevention options clearly and in one place.

What is the focus of the project?#

We are creating a place where complete information on the prevention of serious and civilisation diseases will be available in a clear and attractive format. A platform that will activate the audience and not just be a tool for passive consumption of information. All this using the know-how of an organisation that has been working on the topic of health prevention for over 7 years. The biggest impact of the Loono Preventivka app will be people living healthier and better quality lives.

What do we want to achieve?#

We will create a unique app that will teach Czechs to go for preventive check-ups and provide them with comprehensive, verified information that will help them live a healthier and better life. The first version of the app will be downloaded by 15,000 people.

What is the future of the app?

  • It will be a health diary to monitor the health of users.
  • This will include the opportunity to make an appointment to see a doctor and have a consultation with him.
  • It will serve as a tool for doctors to take care of patients' health.

How do we want to achieve this?#

Based on research, we have identified 2 key issues that people are addressing:

1. The lack of clarity of information on health and prevention.

2. They do not go regularly for preventive check-ups. Reasons: they don't know about them, they don't attach importance to them, they forget about them, or it's complicated to make an appointment.

That's why we've teamed up with expert volunteers from Česko.Digital, who are helping us develop the app and create a single place that solves these two problems. In addition to them, our mission is also supported by the PPF Foundation. The expert content that will be available on the app is sponsored by the 1st Faculty of Medicine.

They write about us in the media:#

Are you interested in the Preventivka project?#

Project coordinators

Adéla Sedláčková

Martin Ladecký

Adéla Kalusová

Kateřina Vacková

Blanka Majnušová

Romana Pokorná

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