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no.edu webinar Nonviolent Communication #1 (Observations & Communication Blockers) with Sandra Fridrichová

Continuation of the webinar on feedback, this time we will look at the technique of non-violent communication

Does it ever happen to you in a conversation that someone starts telling you a story or commenting on a topic and your ears disconnect and you stop listening? Or do you feel a strange pressure building up in your body and you run away from the conversation? Or do you start to counter-argue?
Communication is something we all know and are familiar with. What we don't know is that small little formulations cause a reaction in the other that prevents open dialogue. At Česko.Digital we would like to show you a way of communication that allows you to express everything you need to. This way of thinking and dialoguing will help you not only to preserve the relationship with the other, but to deepen it. We start from the concept of non-violent communication.
In this webinar, we will explore how to start a difficult conversation. We'll talk about what words or phrasing turn other people off from conversations and explore our own patterns we use and look at how to transform them.

Date of the event
Thu 30 Sep 15:00
Length of the event
90 minutes
Online / Google Meet
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