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Community Hour - what's happening in Česko.Digital

Regular quarterly meetings for anyone interested in what's happening at Česko.Digital, want to hear news from current projects or share interesting topics with others.

End congestion in Slack - get up-to-date challenges and community news quickly and clearly

Interested in what's happening in the community? What are the current projects and where can you lend a hand? Do you have a topic that might be relevant to the community? Do you want to share what you enjoy or don't enjoy about Česko.Digital and discuss it with others? Come to Community Hour, a meeting for all members and supporters of Česko.Digital.

What can we expect at the online meeting on 13 June?

  • What are we living in now Česko.Digital?
  • Project Speed Dating - introduction of current projects
  • A space to share - open discussion for anyone about anything worth discussing. Share with others what you like about Česko.Digital or what you want to change, use the space to ask questions or raise a topic of potential interest to the community.

Did you miss the meeting? Check out the footage!

Date of the event
Tue 13 Jun 15:30
Length of the event
90 minutes

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