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Začni učit!

A website and interactive guide show all motivated practitioners an easy way into education.

About the project

The Czech education system lacks 6 000 teachers. How to get Czechs behind the department using technology was investigated by a team of the organisation Výluka and expert volunteers. Thanks to the Incubator Česko.Digital, a service for non-profit organisations, they have managed to create an interactive platform where anyone can easily find out what to do in their case to start teaching. Within 6 months, 30,000 unique users had visited the Start Teaching website and the interactive guide is completely viewed by more than 100 people a month who are seriously considering teaching.

There is a shortage of 6 000 teachers in the Czech Republic, and there is no platform where those interested in this job can find clear information. By preparing a comprehensive support system, we will make it easier for motivated people from different sectors to enter the education sector. - Jana Fryzelková, co-founder of the non-profit organisation Výluka.

Behind the department in a few clicks#

The aim of the project is to increase the number of teachers in the Czech education system and the prestige of this meaningful profession. It offers interested teachers the necessary information in an elegant and accessible way and facilitates their journey beyond the department.

The Start Teaching project has also created a one-stop interactive guide to pedagogical programmes and courses. Simply enter your educational background and preferences, what level and subject you would like to teach. Based on this, the interactive guide will recommend specific tips for courses at different universities. This concentrated information will help to spread the idea that going into teaching can be an easy idea to implement.

And how have the volunteers involved developed through the project Česko.Digital?

Before the Start Learning project, I had only heard of the Django framework, so in that respect I went from the beginning, through what the structure of a Django application is, how the different layers work together. In the project I was mainly focused on the communication of the application with the PostgreSQL database (creating models, modifying them, initial data upload, updating data) and on creating endpoints using GraphQL API. - Jana Zmijková, volunteer


Since the launch of the new version of the site, we have reached nearly 30 ,000 unique users in six months. More than 100 people a month go through the interactive guide completely and are seriously considering becoming a teacher!

The website and the interactive guide make it easier for all motivated practitioners to get into education. They are the ones who can help with the serious teacher shortage. This will help our education system - and the whole society will benefit.

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Project coordinators

Jana Fryzelková

Michal Voráč

Sandra Ort Feyglová

Romana Pokorná

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