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Veřejné zakázky spolu

We help the government to provide and develop services in line with technological trends through the cultivation of the public procurement environment

About the project

We help the government to deliver and develop services in line with technological trends by cultivating the procurement environment.

"We believe that the state can provide and develop its services in a modern way and in line with current technological trends. That is why we are here. Public procurement together. By cultivating the environment of public IT procurement we want to bring the Czech Republic to the world level."

What is the focus of the project?

In line with the objectives of the Together for the Digital Transformation of the State initiative, we want to promote dialogue between contracting authorities and suppliers as well as the professional public, thereby expanding their competences. We want to promote digitally friendly legislation and financing and we would like to create conditions for better use of new technologies. We wish to arouse interest in education and sharing of good practice.

What do we want to achieve?

Create an environment in which suppliers are willing to bid for public contracts and can actively participate in innovation and the development of the digital state.
Get support for bold officials who want to develop modern software with a focus on the end user.

How do we want to achieve this?

To achieve the project's goals, we have identified several areas that we want to actively pursue:

  • People & Education: we create educational videos and workshops for practical solutions to partial difficulties with digitalization (modern methods of project management and development of digital products, including legislation)
  • Methodology & Expertise: we develop a methodology for agile software procurement and agile procurement management, implement pilot contracts across public administrations and provide expert consultation
  • Legislation and law: we support digitally friendly legislation, seek funding to improve conditions for the use of innovative technologies, provide systematic legal support for the mainstream use of open technologies (open-source and open-data)
  • Awareness raising and informed society: through the e-Government club we promote dialogue between contracting authorities, suppliers and the professional public to exchange experiences and understanding and create an environment (online and offline) for sharing examples of good practice, knowledge and experience and promoting methodologies that already exist and are proven (e.g. Festival of Creative Bureaucracy, meet-ups and discussions)
  • Technology and tools: helping to create digital spaces for meetings, conferences and conversations, supporting open-source solutions and open standards for public administration

Are you interested in the Public Procurement Together project?

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Project coordinators

Veronika Záňová

Michal Silov

Michal Abaffy

Sarka Sevcikova

Lenka Bajtová

Martin Podveský

Eva Pavlíková

Kateřina Kocianová

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Get involved

We would like to thank all the volunteers and workers from expert organizations involved.

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