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Mingly (TvojeLáska.cz)

Let's create the largest online community networking platform (not only) for people with disabilities.

About the project

Dating (whether establishing a friendship or a romantic relationship) is unfortunately more complicated for people with disabilities (both medical and psychological). That's why we decided to use digital technologies and started working on the Mingly portal with the TvojeLáska.cz project.

It is a platform for successful introductions to people with disabilities. The project will also focus on communication and awareness raising. The aim is to build a community platform that allows not only introductions, but also the creation of special discussion rooms with the possibility of inviting expert guests, organizing online webinars, workshops, etc.

We would like to reach at least 1 million disabled people in the Czech Republic and expand abroad (CEE).


TvojeLáska.cz was founded in 2017 and the number of users is constantly growing. Currently, 2500+ users are dating or looking for friendship. Due to its five-year history and especially the expertise of its founders, TvojeLáska.cz is a publicly known, supported and professionally recognized project.

What we are working on#

The current wordpress template is not completely user-friendly and looks unfashionable, which we know from a client survey. We would therefore need to redesign the site towards a modern responsive application with support for multiple languages and along with this we are aiming to create themed rooms and NGO clubrooms and adapt the application to the needs of visually impaired users.

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Project coordinators

Anežka Müller

Jakub Mertl

Miroslava Šachová

Kristýna Mertlová

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