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We are preparing a central platform for prevention and early help during mental discomfort or a difficult life situation

About the project

According to research by the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five children has experienced some form of mental health difficulty. Half of these difficulties even appear before their 14th birthday. For children, the environment they live in and the unpleasant situations they are exposed to are often triggers.

What is the focus of the project?#

At Česko.Digital we are building a single digital space, the Safezone, where children, and later parents and teachers, can find information on mental health, prevention of mental health problems and links to relevant organisations.

What do we want to achieve?#

We want to reduce the time it takes children to ask for help by providing clear and understandable information in one place. We can help them navigate a difficult situation more easily. It is by creating a clear and obvious place, which is lacking for children in the Czech environment, that we will facilitate timely help. With the project we also aim to reduce the overload on organisations and individuals helping in the field of mental health care. We are targeting several groups. Primarily second grade primary school children (389,000 children in total). In the future, we plan to involve other target groups who can help children in their difficult situations, be they parents, teachers or leaders of special interest groups.

How do we want to achieve this?#

We have selected 15 of the most pressing issues and have involved partners who specialize in specific issues. These subject matter experts guarantee clear and relevant information for a sensitive target group. Adam Táborský, a psychologist, and Ámos Vision actively cooperate with us. In the course of production, we have received support and assistance from many other organisations and institutions, such as the COSIV or the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and others who get involved when needed. We cooperate on the scripts with the organizations My Body is Mine, Anabell Centre, Replug me, Locika Centre, 3pe, Linka bezpečí, Czech Association of Streetwork, Family and School Line, National Centre for Safer Internet and Nepustit duši.

Are you interested in the Safezón project?#

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Project coordinators

Vladimíra Osadníková

Kristýna Tvrdá

Petra Fritsch

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