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Spolu na dálku

A solution for social and healthcare service providers that allows patients and clients to connect with their loved ones via video call on a smart device.

About the project

During the pandemic, 67,000 people were bedridden and no one was allowed to visit them. How do we connect them with their loved ones? A team of expert volunteers was formed in the community to conduct research, and with the auspices of the National Telemedicine Centre of the University Hospital Olomouc and the Association of Social Service Providers of the Czech Republic, they published a comprehensive guide. Hospitals and other facilities can now easily connect patients with their loved ones even indirectly.

Being together outside of visiting hours#

The aim of the Together at a Distance project was to offer health and social service providers detailed guidance on how to provide virtual communication within ward operations to enable their clients to communicate remotely with their loved ones.

However, research conducted in collaboration with representatives of hospitals, homes for the elderly, homes with special care and representatives of two pilot projects has shown that finances are not always the main obstacle. So the guide focused on practical advice on why and what equipment to use so that patients can connect with their loved ones, even outside visiting hours. It looks at security issues , how to connect, choosing the right type of tablet and accessories, as well as the actual process of communication. There is also advice on how to care for the device or how to inform family and loved ones about the service.


_"The guide can help healthcare professionals to implement virtual communication more quickly in the normal operation of wards. The lay public can use the handbook to connect more easily with their loved ones," _sums up the founder and pediatric nurse at the Neonatal Department of the University Hospital in Olomouc, Ms. Ilona Antoníčková.

Thanks to the guide, hospitals and other facilities can now facilitate and use patient and client contact with family and loved ones outside of visiting hours. We supported and educated them on how to obtain the necessary hardware or finance it.

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Project coordinators

Radka Hrbková (Steklá)

Šárka Karlová

Kateřina Kocianová

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The Together at a Distance guide advises how to enable hospital patients or social services clients to communicate remotely with their loved ones

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