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Redesign fungování komunity Česko.Digital

We propose a more efficient system for the functioning of the community Česko.Digital.

About the project

Together with the team at Q Designers, we have been exploring more effective ways of operating the community from April to July 2023 that could encourage more volunteers to become active, expand the portfolio of projects and help increase the overall impact of what we do at Česko.Digital .

For example, we focused on the following questions:

  • What factors contribute to and hinder the successful involvement of people in our activities?
  • How to systematically organize, support and motivate volunteers?
  • How to effectively connect professionals, non-profits and the state to change the Czech Republic for the better?

What have we come to?#

With the participation of community members and through the analysis of materials and data, the project team examined the current state of the community, our problems and their causes. For example, there were 11 interviews with tribal team members, 15 in-depth interviews with volunteers, four in-depth interviews with experts, and five ideation workshops that generated more than three hundred ideas. These were then translated into 52 different concepts of what services Česko.Digital could provide, and these concepts were again prioritized, sifted and adjusted according to community feedback.

We were able to identify three main barriers to volunteer involvement in Česko.Digital:

  • People don't understand exactly what Česko.Digital is and what it does
  • The range of engagement opportunities does not match the needs of the community
  • Communication and information channels Česko.Digital are overloaded

In addition to naming the main problems, we were also given a number of recommendations on how to proceed. One part can be translated into quick action. Many of these are already in place or are planned for the near future. The other part, which is mainly about the opportunities and tools on offer, will take more time and work, but we are already working on that too.

A more detailed summary of the project can be found on our blog.

Do you like what we do at Česko.Digital ?#

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Project coordinators

Anežka Müller

Nikola Frollová

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