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Redesign fungování komunity Česko.Digital

We propose a more efficient system for the functioning of the community Česko.Digital.

About the project

Together with the team at Q Designers, we are exploring more effective ways of operating the community that will encourage more volunteers to get involved, expand the portfolio of projects and help increase the overall impact of what we do at Česko.Digital .

For example, we will focus on the following questions:

  • What factors contribute to and hinder the successful involvement of people in our activities?
  • How to systematically organize, support and motivate volunteers?
  • How to effectively connect professionals, non-profits and the state to change the Czech Republic for the better?

You want to help us?

Are you a member of Česko.Digital, or are you intrigued by our vision and considering joining us? Join our research and help us improve the Česko.Digital community ! Just fill out this short form, Q Designers will then invite you for a short interview, testing or group discussion. All of these activities take place online and will take you approximately 45 minutes.

Project coordinators

Anežka Müller

Nikola Frollová

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