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Pohyb je řešení (6 hodin)

A project that motivates parents to develop their children in movement.

About the project

Children stopped exercising, parents lost motivation to support their children in exercise and movement. Therefore, a group of expert volunteers came together and went through the incubation process of the project to find the best solution.

The movement that can't be caught up#

Rather than one large technology solution that would take a minimum of 12 months to develop even in a lean version, the process results in the design of 6 categories of specific activities that can be implemented on a small scale without much cost and gradually learn from their impact and parental acceptance.

The main goal of the project was to encourage parents to see the importance and find the motivation to develop their children in movement. The team wanted to show parents what and how to exercise so that a child in the critical period of 3-15 years does not lose time that cannot be made up in terms of movement and physical coordination.

The project completed an incubation process in Česko.Digital, in which the focus, goals and vision were formulated under the guidance of a mentor. Now the project is moving forward under the name 6 hours under the umbrella of Sport 2.0 and Wannado. Česko.Digital remains in an advisory role with the project's main partner, Livesport.


In the first half of 2022, we published 127 inspirational videos featuring famous athletes (David Lafata, Jiří Welsch, Marcela Joglová). We have also developed a strategy for the Company on the Move pillar, where our goal is to get parents and children moving together in corporate strategies. We have piloted this pillar at Livesport and several other companies have already shown interest.

We have been successful in creating quality content and are now working more on outreach, building a community around the project and activating social media profiles.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped get the project off the ground.

Do you like Česko.Digital?#

Project coordinators

Tomas Siegler

Anežka Müller

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