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Pískám fauly

An easy-to-use website that helps whistleblowers expose unfair company practices

About the project

Any of us can witness unfair practices in our own company. But not everyone has the courage to bring this information out into the open, even though it would help themselves, their colleagues and the company culture. The situation of such whistleblowers is being changed by the Whistle Blowing project of the non-profit organisation Revival.

Immediate help & clear web#

In the community, we took the project through the Česko.Digital incubator and helped to create an informational website that offers the opportunity to report unfair practices. Through the new website, Revival can also provide immediate assistance through its legal clinic. The website also helps to highlight to the public how they perceive whistleblowers and why.


The project seeks to promote a quality transposition of the EU directive so that comprehensive legal protection exists in the Czech Republic.

Project coordinators

lenka jezkova

Romana Pokorná

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