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First quick psychological help. In two and a half years, the app has helped over a quarter of a million people. Now the goal is to improve the UX and add new functionalities.

About the project

The first Czech mobile app that provides free quick psychological help for people with depression, anxiety and panic, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders. The app also provides contacts for professional help.

At Česko.Digital , we help the project founder Veronika Kamenska and the entire Nepanikař team to improve the UX, design and additional services of the application.

What do the users of Nepanikar say?

"Thank you so much for the app, you saved my friend's life and for that I thank you very much. Have a nice day." Anonymous review

"Nepanikar is a clear, simple app, which makes it accessible even for people who otherwise have difficulty using technology. So far, I recommend it most for managing panic attacks. Clients themselves are then surprised when the app gets them to count math examples, for example, and in a moment the panic is over." _Mgr. Tereza Janásová _ _Psychologist and psychotherapist, Prague _

Project coordinators

Kristofer Filip

Veronika Kamenská

Senta Martynenko

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