Learn the basics of Czech and Ukrainian for everyday life situations

About the project

Movapp was created to facilitate communication for Ukrainians who had to leave their homes and come to the Czech Republic because of the war in Ukraine. Many of them faced a language barrier in this tragic life situation. Martin Hassman came up with the idea to create a tool to make it easier for Ukrainians to stay in our country with the help of expert volunteers.

The first web version of Movapp with a basic set of words and phrases was created in just 3 days from the initial idea. After another three months, expert volunteers under the auspices of Česko.Digital managed to create a mobile version for iOS and Android, which is also available offline.

Mова [mоva] means Ukrainian language. The web and mobile app will help you translate basic words and phrases from English to Ukrainian and vice versa. We are constantly expanding it with new topics and phrases.

Now the application is divided into three sections: Glossary, For Kids and Alphabet. You will also find phonetic transcription and audio recordings to help you with correct pronunciation and learning the Ukrainian Cyrillic or Czech alphabet.

We're currently working on improving the language practice section, and we're also thinking about how to extend Movapp to other languages and make it a full-fledged tool for learning foreign languages.

And what do the volunteers who have already been involved have to say?#

Lenka Kolisnyk - marketing: "Volunteer work gives me a sense of purpose and moves me forward. I was originally a translator in the Movapp project, but gradually I am becoming a marketing expert. The whole team gives me a lot of support, space and help to implement my own ideas. I am also gaining countless new experiences thanks to working on the project. Finally, the friendly atmosphere is also a big bonus, which is incredibly recharging. At the same time, I am happy to be among such a large number of people who want to help others. I see all this not only in the Movapp project, but in the whole community Česko.Digital, and then in the whole Czech Republic."

Oleg Antonyak - developer: "I am happy to be involved in a project that makes sense and really changes the world through ones and zeros. Movapp is my first volunteer project and it definitely won't be my last. I would also like to thank Česko.Digital for such a great community that helps so many people."

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