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Moudrá Síť

Let's support the growth of digital competence in seniors!

About the project

Project Wise Network (formerly known as DigiSen) aims to improve the digital literacy of seniors and build a new digital infrastructure to provide individual digital education for seniors across the Czech Republic, regardless of the seniors' place of residence and the so-called digital assistant.

During the cooperation with Česko.Digital , the MVP was created and now the work on the further development of the project continues under the leadership of the Wise Network and Wise Owl teams.

Thanks to this web-based service, which is available on computers and mobile devices, seniors can get individual help from digital assistants (IT specialists) or information on how to use digital and information technologies correctly and safely. As part of the service, it should later be possible to have information about e.g. educational events taking place close to where the seniors live (seminars or courses), to access online materials to help them search for answers to their questions or to choose to manage their devices remotely.

The Wise Network project is targeting 2 million seniors and aims to find up to 6,000 digital assistants across the Czech Republic to help seniors with their devices where they live.

Project objectives:

  • Activation of seniors
  • Reducing loneliness among seniors
  • Improving the independence of seniors
  • Involvement in social life
  • Improving communication with loved ones and authorities
  • Increasing the digital literacy of seniors
  • Intergenerational skills networking (seniors, grandchildren, students)

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped get the project off the ground.

Project coordinators

Tomáš Hubálek

Lilly Ahou Král

Anežka Müller

Lucie Poslední

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