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Místo ve škole

Web portal for monitoring offers and requests for vacancies in schools and kindergartens

About the project

Expert volunteers led by Tomáš Bederka and Jan Štefanides, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Faculty of Education of the Charles University, are developing a solution for monitoring the supply and demand of vacancies in schools and kindergartens.

Problem description#

The lowest estimate is that approximately 250 000 refugees will arrive in the Czech Republic. These will primarily be mothers with children, and some will be dependent children. These children need to be educated somewhere and, overall, a support network needs to be created around them, from psychologists to teachers. We need to know the capacity of the facilities where they are accommodated as well as their predispositions.

Create a portal to link data between different government entities. The portal will be divided into a non-public and a public part, which will be accessed by the OSPOD (=Organ of Social and Legal Protection of Children, colloquially "social welfare"), the Ministry of Education and Science and local governments.

The public page will be for Ukrainian parents to search for a free school in their area.

Similar or collaborating projects#

  1. shkola.cz - a database for the public where it is possible to find out where schools are located that want to accept refugee children. After the launch of our database will cease to exist.
  2. Children of Ukraine - a project of one-class tours around the Czech Republic with Ukrainian teachers. A temporary solution until a comprehensive education system is devised.

Project coordinators

Klára Scholleová

Iveta Svatosova

Jan Štefanides

Tomas Bederka

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