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Mapa ukrajinských hraničních přechodů

Overview of the current refugee situation on the Ukrainian border

About the project

MAP MOVED TO UMAP - www.umapa.eu. It can now be found under the Traffic filter.#

How long will I wait at the border crossing? How many cars are there at the moment? How long is the queue? A map of Ukrainian border crossings will answer these questions . Currently the numbers are provided by a helpful IT team from the Ukrainian side, but it is possible that other data sources will be connected.

The design of the app has been consulted with many experts and large NGOs to ensure that it truly provides the key information they have been missing. This map is built on the Mapotic platform, with whom Česko.Digital collaborated on the development. We hope that in time it will no longer be needed...

How did the idea come about?#

During the creation of the signpost www.stojimezaukrajinou.cz, we have repeatedly received a clear signal from individuals, NGOs, self-proclaimed coordinators of collections, transport, as well as transport of military material and medicines to the front, that information about the situation at Ukrainian border crossings is crucial.

Even today, there is either too much or not enough material for the newcomers; there are still situations where there are no newcomers or thousands, especially at Polish border crossing points. At the same time, enthusiastic volunteers were setting out from various parts of the Czech Republic, wanting to know where they were needed.

The team of Česko.Digital resonated with the idea of a map that will be updated 2-3 times a day, especially in the parameters of the number of refugees and the lack of material for them, so that the distribution and transportation is as efficient as possible. Synergies with Mapotic made it relatively short to set up the structure of the map and it took a few days to get at least automatically loaded data into it.

We tried to establish connections with non-profit or charitable organizations that are stable at the crossing points so that we could validate the automated data from the ground. So far, we have not been successful and are seeking validation of the data from individuals.

Project coordinators

Anika Chalupská

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