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Specialized website about COVID-19 for the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

About the project

Right at the outbreak of the pandemic, we reacted to the current situation in the community and helped the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic to prepare a dedicated website on coronavirus.

Flexible website in a few days#

A team of expert volunteers put together verified sources of relevant information, came up with a prototype website, tested it and within a few days brought the finished solution to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The challenge was to find a simple and functional solution that would be very easy to edit in a short time.


Our website, coronavirus.mzcr.cz, immediately became one of the main information channels for all citizens at the time of the emerging pandemic crisis.

You can read the details of the solution chosen for this website to keep it "up" even with the onslaught of 11,000 unique visitors a day on our blog: Crisis website with high availability in a few hours (cesko.digital)

Media mentions#

Project coordinators

Jakub Nešetřil (Česko.Digital)

Radka Horáková

Eva Pavlíková

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