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Konzultace digitální transformace NPI ČR

Support and consultation for the digital transformation of the National Institute of Education of the Czech Republic

About the project

As part of our long-term cooperation with the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic (NPI), we have been involved in the preparation of a new digital strategy for this organisation as part of expert consultations. In the early stages of shaping the new digital strategy, NPI, together with mentors from Česko.Digital , sought answers to questions about what the IT ecosystem supporting their extensive and diversified service offering could and should look like, and what the process the organisation needed to go through should look like.

On behalf of Česko.Digital , we offered a helping hand in finding mentors, organizing basic workshops to prepare strategic steps and ongoing consultation in implementing the proposed strategy.

NPI is currently building a new digital team as well as a service design team.

Project coordinators

Anežka Müller

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