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Kogito 2.0

An app tailored for pregnant and postpartum women experiencing symptoms of mental illness.

About the project

75% of women who experience psychological difficulties in the postpartum period do not seek professional help or are unable to access it. Yet the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) knows how to help them.

In response to the gaps in mental health care for postpartum women, NUDZ, together with external vendors, created a beta version of the KOGITO app. The app includes basic cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, meditations and stories of women who have experienced mental health difficulties during pregnancy or after childbirth. Simple program. 5 basic levels. Concrete examples. Real stories.

Despite the fact that the app is in its beta version, more than 4000 women have used it in the first few months and thanks to testing the app with women users we already have enough information on how we can optimize, simplify and unify the whole design concept.

NUDZ is therefore joining forces with Česko.Digital, so that together they can accelerate this application when the crudely designed acceleration targets are:

  • Design review and development of a more user-friendly and intuitive tool for long-term support for a specific group of mothers with depression or anxiety that can guide them through this challenging time.
  • Functional testing of the application and help with setting up the development flow in open source mode, so that the organization can continue this new way of working after the acceleration is complete.
  • Revive the PR and marketing strategy and set up a medium- and long-term plan for further development of the app so that it can help not only in the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of every project we are looking for reinforcements, so either contact us directly in the project channel on Slack #run-kogito_nudz or respond to one of the roles we are looking for here on the site. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Project coordinators

Antonín Šebela

Martin Ladecký

Hana Němcová

Jiří Forman

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