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Inovace zpravodajského storytellingu

A one-year project that brought prototypes of innovations to Czech newsrooms to increase the number of news readers through technology.

About the project

A third of Czechs do not watch the news. However, they do go to the polls, where they should make an informed and educated decision as voters. Yet abroad, technology is succeeding in bringing these non-readers back into the game. How can we get innovation into newsrooms and use technology to get Czechs reading again? The community brought together hundreds of journalists, developers and designers, who worked together through workshops, design sessions and prototypes of innovations that any newsroom can now install and run.

They got innovation into the newsrooms#

One year, 12 online workshops, 40 journalists involved and a total of 100 enthusiastic volunteers. All this is behind the courage to change the stigma of inaccessible innovation in the Czech newsroom environment.

A team of expert volunteers presented research results, completed an ideation sprint and designed prototypes that prove that innovation in newsrooms makes sense. We vetted the ideas with representatives from Google, Seznam, technology agencies and a number of newsrooms. We presented the results at a journalism day in June 2021.

In the autumn of 2021, Drbna.cz and I tested the prototype of Topics Under the Magnifying Glass, which gives readers a chance to influence what the media outlet writes about. This tool for collecting suggestions and topics from readers engaged over 500 readers, generated over 60 topics for processing, and the resulting articles generated a readership of 72,000.

The second prototype is Chatbot Newsie, which presents news in a playful way in chat. In the form of questions, it motivates the user to read the news, for which it rewards him with points.


A team of expert volunteers immersed the journalistic community in the world of technology, introduced them to the possibilities of innovation and delivered prototypes that newsrooms can run themselves. Check out Topics Under the Magnifying Glass, which engaged 500 readers in testing and generated 72,0000 article reads. Also explore the Newsie Chatbot prototype, which sends parts of articles in a messenger app and queries readers with guessing questions.

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Project coordinators

Petr Kuncl

Záviš Pexidr

Jindřich Oukropec

Tomas Nespechal

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