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Dáme roušky

A community map that made it possible to obtain protective equipment at a critical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic. The map worked from spring to autumn 2020.

About the project

The whole country came to a standstill, everybody had to wear masks. A community map from the volunteers at Česko.Digital made it easy to get them. In an incredible 3 hours they delivered a web interface that was visited by 87,000 users in one day. The damerousky.cz website received 2.5 million visits and was created during the first lockdown, with more than 600,000 drapes handed out on the platform.

I thought the whole platform was great and I was so grateful that I wasn't alone and that it was being built by people who understood it. It took a stone out of my heart. - volunteer Ria

1 idea, hundreds of thousands of sewn drapes#

The idea for the community map, which will make it possible to get protective equipment to where it is needed, was conceived by expert volunteers, especially Annamária Sedláková, Martin Hassmann and Jan Tlapák. The project started working the moment people started networking and connecting. Initially, the volunteers wanted to reach out to health care institutions, but they ended up requesting personal data and other paperwork. The founders of the project agree that what helped them the most was a clear vision and the slogan "We offer help", which made it easier for the team to make decisions.


The project enabled the citizens of the Czech Republic to obtain protective equipment at a critical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic. The website received 2 500 000 visits and 1 700 dispensing points were created. Estimates of the number of drapes sewn and delivered through the project range from 600,000 to two million.

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Project coordinators

Eva Pavlíková

Martin Hassman

Jan Tlapák

Annamária Kovalčíková

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