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Revma v klidu

Motivational and educational exercise e-course not only for patients with rheumatism

About the project

With this project, the organization Revma Liga ČR, which has been helping to improve the lives of people with rheumatic diseases for 30 years, has joined the community and wants to spread awareness and start motivation for home exercise even among people who do not have the opportunity to exercise with professional assistance for a long time.

The aim of the project in Česko.Digital is to select and set up a suitable technical solution for a motivational and educational course with the aim of including regular physical activity and lifestyle changes not only in rheumatic patients. The pilot project should focus on rheumatics in general, how to take their health into their own hands and participate in improving their mental and physical condition. They will be helped by this online course, which will include information, motivational videos, questionnaires, exercises and exercise videos. This course will be gradually expanded for individual rheumatic diseases and should then be expanded to include prevention for the general public with musculoskeletal disabilities.

In addition to the technical solution, we select an attractive product name and design appropriate marketing support to make the product attractive to users and a suitable tool for improving the quality of life not only for rheumatics.

The content of the course is partly adopted from the Norwegian partner Norwegian League Against Rheumatism, where this course has been available to patients with rheumatic diseases for several years.

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Project coordinators

Michaela Linková

Apolena Weissová

David Kříž

Lucie Smith

Eva Helešicová

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