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Obsah Česko.Digital

We create and consult on all the content that promotes Česko.Digital and its individual projects, and spread the know-how to the community and beyond.

About the project

Our organization is unique and we want to let as many people as possible know about it. What we do here as expert volunteers is very meaningful and impactful, and with the right communication we can attract more experts to our community or sell our experience and success to the world.

📰 What types of content do we process?

  • We create articles or interviews for the blog Česko.Digital , which brings together all the ideas, experiences, news, know-how and stories of the community.
  • We write posts for social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) that open doors to the outside world of fans, supporters, organisations and government.
  • We create content for newsletters ( such as read.digital) serving as a gateway to the community and partners.
  • We contribute various texts for internal communication in Slack or for internal community education.
  • We take care of press releases and PR to maintain good relations with the media and the public and let the world know about our successes.
  • We provide editing, proofreading and advice on (not only) textual content.
  • We are updating the content of our cesko.digital website to include all the latest information about our community.
  • We play with different audio-visual content that complements the written form of communication.

Project coordinators

Pavel Šilar

Terézia Palaščáková

Kateřina Peřinová

Sára Zikmundová

Matouš Brabec

Šárka Rauchová

Petra Kubíková

Barbora Truksová

Jana Kneschke

Kateřina Strnadová

Tomáš Znamenáček

Simona Holá

We are currently looking for

All opportunities

We choose from our blog

Blog Česko.Digital

read.digital/43: How to set up and use a data room | We are creating a map of volunteers | We have had our first hack day at Livesport

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read.digital/42: Avast is committed to volunteerism | Our CEO's look back at the past year | We launched the Presidential Election Calculator

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read.digital/41: Merry Christmas and happy new merch! | We won the crystal medal | Which volunteers managed to get into the tribal team?

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read.digital/40: Google.org is already supporting our activities | The Wise Web has completed the first prototype testing | Movapp is also on paper | Who is on home office, not working?

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read.digital/39: Losna or Mažňák? Election calculator will help you | Expert volunteering for every company | Event of the month? Definitely the launch of Preventivka

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read.digital/38: How many lunches have been saved? | Who will you vote for? | Introducing Mastermind | How to become an InstaMage

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Get involved

We would like to thank all the volunteers and workers from expert organizations involved.

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