Byro is a social network of people working in the public sphere without harmful side effects

About the project

BYRO was created as an initiative of the organisers and visitors of the Prague Festival of Creative Bureaucracy. Our common goal is to create a strong and large community of people working in the public sphere who are not afraid of innovation and have the courage to do their job better than yesterday.

We organise informal meetings, jointly create and complement educational events and programmes, share good experiences and support each other in the complex maze of state and local governments.

** Are you a creative clerk *clerk*? ** Join the mentoring platform and connect with experienced leaders from government. Just fill out the form by August 31, 2023.

Do you want to share your experience? We are looking for mentors*mentors who want to actively contribute to the career development of creative and committed people in the civil service. Email or

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Project coordinators

Matej Chytil

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