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Senior Researcher*Researcher

We are looking for a colleague with research experience to help us define the needs of our target groups. The project is aimed at raising awareness of air quality among people in the Czech Republic. We also aim to support politicians and officials in addressing this current situation.

The project currently has a team of 10 people with competencies in UX, UI, product design, tech, copywriting, product owner and scrum master. The team of researchers will help the designers to define the needs of our target audience.

A rough idea of cooperation:

  • In one online session we will briefly introduce the #run-sensor_air project, its goals and target groups.
  • In the next online meeting, which would take the form of a longer workshop (answering possible questions, brainstorming, creating an output), we would define appropriate questions and their formulations for subsequent interviews.

What your job will involve:

  • Research preparation
  • Interviews with the target group
  • Output analysis
  • Proposal for a solution
  • We would be happy to welcome at least 2 people (senior and junior) for the role

Your profile:

  • You have research and interviewing experience

What's in it for you:

  • You will participate in a project with a large social impact that will go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic
  • You'll meet great people in the team from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about a good cause and helping those around them.

Are you no stranger to desk research, focus groups, discovery phases or in-depth interviews? Introduce yourself on Slack in the project channel (#run-sensor_air) or email Nikola at nikola.caric@gmail.com.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Nikola Caric