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Community Coordinator*

At Česko.Digital , we have been helping the government and non-profit organizations for over 3 years to use digital technologies to have the greatest impact on the citizens of the Czech Republic.

The Community Coordinator* is a key role in >cd because by reaching out and onboarding the right colleagues into the team, we can support projects with the greatest impact. Well-built teams with well-set expectations, an understanding of the volunteer role and how Česko.Digital works can build a quality digital product for commissioners and users.

What's in store for you?
You can take your role in a classic way and support the team(s) with the following activities:

  • finding suitable colleagues for the team
  • working with the database and volunteer records
  • preparation and drafting of requests for individual roles
  • communication with role applicants

You can also help the Scrum Master with new approaches on the project:

  • help with welcoming newcomers and jump into the team
  • organise a hackathon
  • organize team kick-off (setting up team agreements)
  • organize offline team meetings - teambuilding
  • help with the creation/design of automatic communication regarding newly listed roles (according to community member preference)

The role is also described in more detail here. We can customize it according to what you want to learn and what you want to help with.

If you're not on Slack, contact me at romana@cesko.digital.


3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Romana Pokorná