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Marketing Specialist

Want to get involved in a meaningful project to help Ukrainians? Is marketing a matter of heart for you? Can you effectively carry out marketing tasks and see things through to the end? Come gain new experience in a project that wants to help Ukrainian communities in the long term.

🚀 What project will you be involved in?

Expert volunteers of Česko.Digital in collaboration with Mapotic have created a community map Umap showing all the important places and information that people arriving from Ukraine as a result of the invasion will need in their new or temporary home. In the map they (and Ukrainian speakers) can find doctors, psychologists, veterinarians, lawyers, schools and kindergartens accepting Ukrainian children, as well as material collections, etc. It is constantly being improved and updated.

"I am so happy and proud to be part of such a great community. What is being created under everyone's hands, at the pace that all the projects are going now, is unreal! I finally feel like I can do enough to help in what's going on in the world."
Tereza Vaisová - Marketing Coordinator

🤝 What will your volunteer role entail?

  • You'll help the marketing team to keep things running smoothly.
  • You work closely with the Marketing Lead and the project team.
  • You actively participate in the creation and development of marketing plans and the execution of sub-tasks.
  • You make sure the pieces of the marketing puzzle are in the right place at the right time.

🤓 What skills will you need?

  • You have at least enough experience in marketing to know how things work in this field and to be able to navigate.
  • What's really important in this position, however, is a sense of organisation and the ability to prioritise.
  • We also need good communication skills and above all enthusiasm!
  • Plus, if you're creative and bring creative solutions, you're our guy.
  • In addition, we value a proactive approach and independence.

💙 What can we offer you?

  • You will be involved in a successful and socially beneficial project that is already having a huge impact. And you can help many people discover their new or temporary home. 
  • You get infected with a tremendous enthusiasm and passion for the cause. 
  • Plus, you'll gain new experience, look under the hands of experienced people, but where we are all equal and your opinion will always be heard.
  • You're not the only one who benefits, we all get a lot out of working together and being enthusiastic.

"It's great that projects like this are being created! Being able to get involved and help is important to me, and this community makes it an experience - I never cease to be amazed at how it is possible to organize and complete so many worthwhile projects at once. Hats off to Česko.Digital, you are full of great people."
Monika Pavlovičová - illustrator and graphic designer of the project

If you recognize yourself in the previous lines, don't hesitate! You'll join a team where we support each other, help each other, and are in this together for everything.

If you want to learn more or apply for a role directly, get in touch with us in the project channel on Slack or contact the person responsible in this ad!

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Terézia Palaščáková