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Experienced researcher


For the project CSGOVin which we are developing an open solution for creating flexible websites (not only) for municipalities, we are looking for volunteer support in the form of an experienced UX researcher who will help us move the platform closer to meeting the needs of both the target website visitors and those who administer and edit it.

Technically, the solution is now usable, our goal at this stage is for the system to provide a simple basic design with possible more sophisticated superstructure and customizable content. As a first step, we are conducting research with the target groups (users and administrators) and based on the outputs we will have to redesign the system. We have already completed the research preparation, as well as the desk research and the first interviews. We still have a few more of these to go, followed by the elaboration of the conclusions. Our research team is less experienced and would need support from a more senior colleague or peer to complete the research phase.

For more information, contact Anežka at anezka@cesko.digital or ask directly on Slack in the #run-csgov channel.
We look forward to seeing you!

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Anežka Müller