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TypeScript / Node.js developer*ka

In the Election Calculator re-design project, we have reached the stage of already developed MVP and we are looking for a member of the Backend team (TypeScript / Node.js / Vercel) to help us implement the API for logging in Calculator users and storing the history of completed Calculators.

The project has been green-fielded as Open Source(see Github) and the functionality of the profiles is already designed in Figma. We are deploying the API as serverless functions on Vercel and using CockroachDB and Prisma's TypeScript ORM as database technology .

What's in store for you?

  • Based on the designs and with the support of Tech Leads, you will create an API for profiles and work with the history of completed Calculators.
  • The scope and difficulty of the tasks can be adapted to your free time and experience.
  • You can also do code-reviews for other volunteers on the project to keep the quality of the code high.

What do we offer?

  • You'll be involved in an open source project with a huge impact. Most Czech voters will see your work in January.
  • Support and mentoring from experienced developers from the Česko.Digital community.

5-10 hours a week

Contact person

Martin Wenisch